Our Mission

The Women's Board strives to further awareness in the community of the services and facilities of Wolfson Children's Hospital and to raise funds to ensure the finest available pediatric health care.

The Women’s Board


The Women’s Board

The mission of The Women’s Board is simple: We raise funds and awareness for this very special hospital, where no child is ever denied the very best of care, regardless of ability to pay. Our hospital provides almost $40 million annually in charity and uncompensated care for our ever-increasing geographic area. Wolfson depends upon The Women’s Board, and we depend upon and need you to partner with us.

The Women’s Board was formed in 1973 as the result of a sweet baby girl, Abbie Ray Martin, who died because Wolfson, at that time, did not have the equipment to sustain her fragile life. From that tragedy has bloomed triumph. The Women’s Board, now 400 members strong, has raised more than $28 million for Wolfson, saving life after precious little life.

Please explore our site to learn more about what we do for the children, how you can support our cause, information about upcoming events, how you can volunteer or how your organization can create an event of its own to support our mission.




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